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Zuppardo’s Family Supermarket

At Zuppardo’s we have always carried out the time honored tradition of fast, friendly service. We offer the fastest checkout in town without the hassle of long lines, because we know your time is valuable.

We will also take all of those groceries out to the car for you, and carefully pack them in your trunk. Our professional staff is always eager to assist you in anyway possible.

We take the hassle out of your shopping by purchasing our groceries for the lowest prices possible and then passing those deals on to you. At Zuppardo’s we know that price is important to you, not just on one or two specials but on getting the best value possible for your weekly grocery shopping needs.

Zuppardo’s Family Supermarket is the oldest self service supermarket in the New Orleans area. We have been a family tradition for over (5) generations. Family owned and operated, working together with dedicated employees to provide superior products and memorable service.

Families that shop Zuppardo’s know that we pride ourselves in offering our customers some of the lowest prices on one of the largest varieties in town.

 oldest self service supermarket in the New Orleans area

Variety & Innovation

oldstorepic2Our stores are not the huge mega stores that take all day to shop, but you can find those hard to locate favorites you thought were no longer available. We offer many different name brands to choose from in sizes to fit your needs, not just a store brand.

We will continue adding more and more services in our stores, to make life a little more convenient for our customers. We will keep offering exclusive savings everyday, and will keep listening to our customers, to bring them what they want most in a grocery store.

The difference is in our attitude! Our goal is to satisfy you, our customer.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to check out our weekly specials.

Local Since 1929

oldstorepicThe Zuppardo family began selling fruits and vegetables from a cart in 1929. This tradition of locally grown fresh produce available to its customers on a daily basis is still alive today over 70 years later. Zuppardo’s has grown and become one of the most innovate, distinguished and exciting supermarkets in our industry.

We continue to grow and change with the times, but never at the expenses of customer service and quality. Our customers expect the highest quality products along with outstanding customer service. We rely on the efforts of each of our associates to help meet our customer’s expectations.

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