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new orleans wine pairings

Super Weekend New Orleans Wine Pairings

Looking for New Orleans Wine Pairings for the big weekend? Where else but New Orleans can you witness an Irish parade, an Italian parade, and a parade of masquerading Mardi Gras Indians all in one weekend? Whether you enjoy them all or limit your festivities to one of the three holidays celebrated during the second […]

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Picking the best Pumpkin

When looking for picking the best Pumpkin to make a jack-o’-lantern, choose the one that will decay the slowest. Choose a pumpkin that is firm and has its stem intact. Squeezing the pumpkin can tell you how long it is going to sit on your porch, any soft spots and it will not last long. […]

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Zuppardo’s New Orleans Wine Store

You know there is only one place to buy wine and spirits in New Orleans. Zuppardo’s is The New Orleans Wine Store. We carry the best brands at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a fine bottle of Chardonnay to compliment your meal, or a bottle of local favorite, Old New Orleans Rum to […]

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Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans

Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans Q: Does a Label make a good wine? A: Labels do matter but don’t fall for the intricate front label, check out the back label. Here, you will find great clues such as flavors, fruits, region, and importers. Look for stamps of approval and awards for these labels are signs […]

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