meatZuppardo’s meat department is known for Top Quality unique products, greater selection and full service from real Butchers. We proudly offer USDA CHOICE ARMOUR BLACK ANGUS BEEF, which is available only at Zuppardo’s. All our chicken is fresh, never frozen, cut and hand packed in store. We offer the best New Orleans veal in town. We also have delicious honey glazed hams, which are perfect for any family get together.
Special orders and/or cuts are available upon request: satisfaction guaranteed.
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produceZuppardo’s produce department is continually increasing the selection of fresh produce because we want our customers to eat the healthiest produce available. One of the ways we accomplish this is to order from local farmers whenever possible and sell locally grown produce. We are working hard to bring you the healthiest produce possible without making a major dent in your your wallet.
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Bakery / Catering

pieThe freshest baked goods and desserts you have ever tasted, but also some unique items you will not find anywhere else. For example, our exclusive Cream Cheese Brownies are the biggest, gooiest, richest treat you will ever savor…a chocoholic’s dream, they look attractive on a party platter and make great gifts. You will also find fresh danishes, muffins, a wide variety of cookies, delectable cakes, homemade breads, rolls, and more. Everyday we get deliveries from two well know New Orleans companies. Angelo Brocato delivers fresh cannoli and United Bakery delivers fresh Italian and Muffuletta Bread. When you need something special for those unforgettable events, consider one of our delicious party trays made to your specifications. They are always a hit, no matter what the occasion or time of day. Most importantly, we guarantee fresh and tasty baked goods throughout our bakery at all times.
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Deli / Kitchen

sandwichOur deli allows you to provide a tremendous variety with the tastiest cold cuts and prepared dishes that show off the flavors of our family traditions with a blend of spectacular local and regional influences. We also bring you all of the tools and supplies necessary to stock even the most discriminating kitchen with the most inventive of chefs. Come see us today and live better tomorrow!
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Dairy / Frozen

dairyWe pride ourselves on bringing you only the finest in Dairy and Frozen Foods. Our suppliers bring us the freshest possible selection for your family from local and regional farms and growers. Whether it is milk, eggs and cheese or frozen fruit, vegetables and pizza, we offer you a one stop shop for everything you need. Where things really get fun is when it comes to dessert; which some consider the most important meal of the day! We wish you luck when it comes to making a decision.
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Wine, Liquor, Beer

beer At Zuppardo’s we offer the largest variety of beer from Local and regional Brewers including most Abita flavors. You will find our prices the most competitive in town. Whether you are stocking up for a special occasion or getting ready for the big game, let us provide you with everything that you need to make that event just right! Treat yourself to a world tour in our wine aisle. From Napa Valley, CA and the fertile grounds in Chili to Southeastern Australia, Veneto, Italy and Bordeaux, France, our wine selection and value is unsurpassed. When it comes to variety and freshness we invite everyone to shop and compare. You will find our liquor variety to be just as extensive with the finest Scotch, Rum, Whisky and Vodka as well as every liquor in between…our selection and prices will please you.
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