Dairy & Frozen

milk, eggs and cheese or frozen fruit, vegetables and pizza

Got Milk?

Fat Free, Skim,1%, 2% or Whole Milk. How can you go wrong? You can’t when you stop in to pick up a gallon of milk of our freshest and finest Milk.


No cocktail party is complete without a wedge of the good stuff. In fact, cheese makes everything better…much better! Come and get it – it has been aged to perfection for your selection.

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables

Our freezers are full of healthy choices that your dinner table will just love. Come in and find a wide variety of frozen veggies to round out the best of meals.

Finest Frozen Fruit

Whether you get them for that perfect breakfast smoothie that gets the day started or for that healthy afternoon snack, you can count on us to provide your family the finest selection of frozen fruit possible.

Angelo Brocato’s Spumoni

Pure goodness that literally melts in your mouth. You will find only the most delicious items when you venture into our Frozen Foods Department.

Blue Belle Ice Cream

So many varieties to choose from, where everyone in the house can have their own favorite. Come and get some…you know you want it!

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