Locally Grown and Farm Fresh

Our Produce selection is a virtual who’s who of the fruit and vegetable world. We pride ourselves on having great relationships with our local and regional growers so that you can provide the very best for your family.

Creole Tomatoes

We pride ourselves on offering you the finest seasonal produce from as many local & regional farmers as possible. Our Creole Tomatoes are second to none and always fresh.

Vidailla Onions

No recipe for Stuffed Chicken, Chutney or Panzella is complete without stopping by to pick up some of our delicious, sweet and local Vidailla Onions.

Pontchatoula Strawberries

The simplest recipe for a happy household starts with a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack topped with Pontchatoula Strawberries. Currently in season and plentiful in our Produce Department.

Citrus and Melons

From our local farmers straight to you, our oranges, satsumas, grapefruit are as fresh as possible. Don’t forget our local Watermelons and our delicious cantaloupe and grapes.

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