Super Weekend New Orleans Wine Pairings

Looking for New Orleans Wine Pairings for the big weekend? Where else but New Orleans can you witness an Irish parade, an Italian parade, and a parade of masquerading Mardi Gras Indians all in one weekend? Whether you enjoy them all or limit your festivities to one of the three holidays celebrated during the second weekend of March, you’ll want to find a wine that suits the occasion, and Zuppardo’s has something for every palate.

A lucky pairing for St. Patty’s Day

TSt. Patricks day New Orleans wine pairinghe traditional fare of St. Patrick’s Day is a hearty offering of cabbage, potatoes, and corned beef, and an earthy wine is the best partner for this salt of the earth Irish meal.

A red Bordeaux, made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, will pair well with your St. Patrick’s Day meal. The flavors of a Bordeaux are diverse as many varieties exist, but they’re most often described as smoky and warm with a hint of tobacco smoke. As the luck of the Irish would have it, many of the founding members of the Bordeaux wine industry had their roots in Ireland, which makes a Bordeaux a perfect pairing.

A rustic red for St. Joseph’s Day

While St. Patrick was known for driving the snakes from Ireland, St. Joseph interceded on behalf of the Irish during the Middle Ages, saving them from a terrible drought. St. Joseph’s day celebrations involve a rich feast in honor of the saint with mostly meatless dishes like minestrone, pasta with breadcrumbs, and fava beans.

Try a classic Chianti with minestrone. This medium-bodied Italian red is made with Sangiovese grapes in the Chianti region. It’s spicy, sour cherry aroma and flavor and rustic richness compliments the robust stew perfectly.

A big flavor for the Big Chief Indian

Super Sunday New Orleans wine pairingDuring the 1890s, Mardi Gras Indians, “tribes” of African-American revelers dressed in full Native American regalia, began masquerading during St. Joseph’s day weekend, using the Italian festivities and elaborate costumes to carry out their own traditions without drawing unwanted attention. Today, Super Sunday provides an opportunity to see the Indian chiefs in all their resplendent feathers as they hash out their differences through song and ceremonial dance. A traditional meal might consist of red beans and rice, fried okra, and seafood gumbo.

Look to a full-bodied wine with zest for a perfect Super Sunday pairing. Syrahs are grown throughout the world, and with mint and black pepper notes, this wine has the strength and character to go head to head with any spicy Creole dish.

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, Zuppardo’s has a wine that will make it better. Visit our store today and stock up!

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