Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans

Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans

Wine Store New OrleansQ: Does a Label make a good wine?

A: Labels do matter but don’t fall for the intricate front label, check out the back label. Here, you will find great clues such as flavors, fruits, region, and importers. Look for stamps of approval and awards for these labels are signs of a good wine. But don’t be shy, ask for help. Zuppardo’s New Orleans Wine Store’s wine steward can help you choose a wine that will meet all of your needs.

Q: Why do people swirl the wine and sniff it?

A: Swirling the wine allows you to check out its legs. A wine’s legs are the slender lines of liquid slowly dripping down the sides of the glass. Nice legs in a wine can clue you into the alcohol content but do not mean it’s a good wine. When you smell a wine, do you smell honey?  Peppers?  Apple? Oak? The more you smell, the better the wine may taste; however, this depends upon the combination of what your nose likes and then what your tongue tastes and likes.

Q: How do use your tongue to taste wine?

A: The wine is not mouthwash!! Each part of the tongue can taste the wine differently. Begin with the tip of your tongue and let it move around to each side and to the back before you swallow. Savor the experience and try to taste the ingredients such as dark cherries, citrus and yes even dirt. So, if the flavor lingers and tantalizes your tongue, you know that you’ve got a complex and balanced wine.

Remember, a grand price does not always make a grand wine. Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans knows how a pick a good wine, whether it is a classic vintage or the latest screw top bottle, they know how to guide you in the right wine direction. A good wine is the sum of the parts and the best place to find one is at Zuppardo’s Wine Store New Orleans.

Wine Store New Orleans

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